Athlete Spotlight: James Wood Girls’ Tennis Player Megan Hillyard

Posted: June 3, 2015

James Wood High School 16-year-old sophomore

Sport: Tennis

Position: No. 2 singles and doubles

Parents: Debbie and P.W. Hillyard

Hometown: Winchester

Nicknames: My sister and I, she is called Big Hill and I’m Little Hill.

What do you love about tennis: My mom played when she was in high school and I just love it — it’s a great sport. In doubles, I really like playing the net.

Biggest strength and weakness in tennis: [Strength], Probably playing the net because I react quicker. [Weakness], My backhand is definitely my worst stroke. It’s kind of 50-50.

Funniest person on the team: Katie Schott is definitely the funniest person on the team. She just always has a joke.

Pregame routine/ritual: Katie always says ‘Colonels on three’ and then we do that and we have a team snack.

Most memorable moment in tennis: My Millbrook game when we played them at home and I won 9-7 ’cause that was just the best I’ve played all year.

Most embarrassing moment in tennis: There are a ton of embarrassing moments in tennis but one time in doubles when I was at the net I just completely missed it.

Favorite athlete: Misti May-Treanor (a retired American professional beach volleyball player and three-time Olympic gold medalist) — she’s not the biggest player on the court but she’s one of the best volleyball players I’ve ever seen play.

Favorite sports team: Penn State women’s volleyball team — they’re amazing.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Amelia Earhart — I’ve just kind of always been fascinated by her and it’s crazy how no one can ever find her; my great-grandparents [Charles Recten Wald & Paul Hillyard] because I didn’t meet them; Abraham Lincoln — I would ask him if he was always honest.

Favorite person to follow on Twitter: Matthew Gray Gubler (an actor) — He’s on Criminal Minds, he’s my favorite character (Dr. Spencer Reid) on there.

Favorite thing to do in free time: I love going down the walking mall because it’s just the prettiest place in Winchester in my opinion, and I also love swimming.

Best live sporting event you’ve been to: The James Wood football game where we beat Handley [27-21] this year and we got to storm the field. It was really awesome.

Plans after high school: Honestly, I don’t know. I want to go into physical therapy but that’s all I’ve really thought about.

— Compiled by Robert Stocks


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