GIRLS’ TENNIS - Judges 7, Colonels 2

WINCHESTER — Handley won five of six singles matches on the way to the victory over James Wood.

No. 1 Meredith Watts (10-4), No. 3 Josie Sydnor (10-4), No. 4 Lillian Smith (10-4), No. 5 Laurel Griffin (10-4) and No. 6 Cat Truban (10-1) won singles matches for the Judges. No. 2 Carlee Gosline (10-8) triumphed for the Colonels.

In doubles, the teams of No. 1 Watts-Smith (10-8) and No. 2 Sydnor-Caroline Skiles won for Handley. No. 3 Morgan Burner and Courtney Dyer (10-8) got the win for James Wood.


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