Athlete Spotlight: James Wood girls' tennis player Caroline Partlow

5ecc5b89db17e.imageJames Wood High School 16-year-old sophomore

Sport: Tennis. Position: No. 1 singles and doubles

Parents: Chris and Michael Partlow

Hometown: Winchester

What do you love about tennis: The sport in general, and just the fact that I get to play it with a bunch of people I love hanging out with.

Most memorable moment in tennis: The hardest match I think ever played was last year against Handley. I only lost by one (9-8 in a tiebreaker on April 23 at No. 4 singles). That really showed how much I can do and how much I can still grow throughout the seasons I have left.

Most difficult moment in tennis: The hardest thing for me was not only having my body physically ready for high school tennis, but also having to think about my strategy while I was doing that. My body was ready and I was physically ready for it, but as I’ve progressed through the past couple years my mental ability for the game has gotten so much better.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: My grandma’s sister Phil; she passed away and I’d really like to talk to her again. Serena Williams; she’s always an idol because she’s also a girl, so I can relate and look up to her. She always pushes herself. And Justin Bieber; because I love him. I like that he’s a religious person. He’s pushed through all the down parts of his life, and it’s always uplifting when anybody can do that.

Who’s your favorite teacher: My interior design teacher, Emily Barnes. I had her this year. She’s always so understanding, and she’s such a down-to-earth person. Even if it’s something that’s not about school, you can go to her and she’ll have an answer or always have a way to help you. It’s great.

Favorite athlete: My favorite athletes are my teammates, just because we all relate to each other so much and push each other.

Favorite sports team: Washington Redskins

Favorite TV show: “American Idol”

Favorite food: Corned beef and cabbage, my grandma’s recipe.

Plans after high school: I’m really interested in being a dermatologist. I’ve always been interested in skin and makeup and skin-care products.

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki


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