Athlete Spotlight: James Wood High School girls' tennis player Carlee Gosline

carleeBy WALT MOODY | The Winchester Star

Carlee Gosline

James Wood High School 17-year-old senior

Sport: Tennis. Position: No. 4 singles and No. 3 doubles

Parents: Cherish Bloodgood and Patrick Smith.

Hometown: Huntington Station, N.Y., moved to Winchester at age 10.

Nickname: “Ceeg.” My middle name is Grace so my mom put C and G together.

What do you love about tennis: I absolutely adore my coach [Sharon Sweet]. She’s been my best friend since freshman year and was my teacher sophomore year. She definitely has been a very influential person. I also like that it’s an individual sport. Our score overall matters, but you as an individual have to fight to help your team too.

Most memorable moment in tennis: I actually met one of my really good friends [Katie Schott] on the team when she was a junior and I was a freshman. She has been my big [sister] and has taught me a lot of life lessons.

Most embarrassing moment in tennis: My freshman year, I hit myself in the head and gave myself a concussion. A ball came flying toward my face and I kind of panicked. It was in the middle of the match. I thought I could continue but I hit it on the opposite side of the court. I was totally out of it. ... I was out for like two weeks.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: My dad, I miss him [he passed when she was age 8] and that would be a treasure; Meredith Grey [the lead character in Grey’s Anatomy], because she works in the medical career and she could give input on something I might experience and Beyonce, I find her very empowering.

Food you can’t live without and why: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Caesar salad. I know those two are kind of contradictory, but I just love Caesar salad, especially chicken Caesar salad.

Favorite teacher: Miss [Amy] Snapp, she has pushed me to do a lot of work and has best prepared me for work outside of high school. She teaches AP English 12.

Favorite athlete: Serena Williams

Favorite team: New York Yankees

Favorite movie: “The Last Song”

Favorite TV show: “Grey’s Anatomy”

Favorite song: “11 Blocks” by Wrabel

Favorite ice cream flavor: Raspberry

Plans after high school: I plan to stay at home for two years and go to LFCC [Lord Fairfax Community College] to study to be a pediatric nurse. Then I would love to go to JMU or Chico State, which is over in California. I actually had a really close friend whose mom was a nurse and I went with her to a bridal shower. One of the children she took care of was there. She said it was the most rewarding thing to take of that child and see her in life and that’s she’s grown to be successful. I love kids, too. It was either that or be a teacher, so it’s kind of mixing the two together.

— Compiled by Walt Moody


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