Final Girls' Swimming Leaders

50-yard freestyle

Lauren Masters, Wood;24.17

Taylor Smith, Sherando;24.64

Madelynn Twigg, Sherando;25.21

100-yard freestyle

Lauren Masters, Wood;52.59

Madelynn Twigg, Sherando;54.11

Taylor Smith, Sherando;54.37

200-yard freestyle

Grace Morgan, Handley;1:53.51

Kiera Webster, Millbrook;1:57.83

Taylor Smith, Sherando;1:59.87

500-yard freestyle

Grace Morgan, Handley;5:06.97

Chelsey Jones, Sherando;5:22.74

Lauren Masters, Wood;5:24.62

100-yard backstroke

Madelynn Twigg, Sherando;1:00.13

Chelsey Jones, Sherando;1:01.61

Lexee Schellhammer, Sherando;1:01.82

100-yard breaststroke

Taylor Smith, Sherando;1:04.89

Madison Reed, Sherando;1:11.40

Addy Wallin, Sherando;1:15.39

100-yard butterfly

Taylor Smith, Sherando;55.95

Lauren Masters, Wood;58.72

Kiera Webster, Millbrook;1:00.03

200-yard individual medley

Taylor Smith, Sherando;2:08.80

Lauren Masters, Wood;2:13.99

Madelynn Twigg, Sherando;2:20.11

200-yard freestyle relay

Sherando (Taylor Smith, Lexee Schellhammer, Madison Reed, Madelyn Twigg) 1:39.29

Millbrook (Carolina Arias, Riley Pillo, Ansley Pendleton, Kiera Webster) 1:45.92

Handley (Laura Salley, Ren Delaney, Sullivan Morefield, Grace Morgan) 1:50.10

400-yard freestyle relay

Sherando (Madelynn Twigg, Lexee Schellhammer, Chelsey Jones, Taylor Smith) 3:46.07

Handley (Kelsye Brown, Laura Salley, Sullivan Morefield, Grace Morgan) 4:02.67

Millbrook (Carolina Arias, Riley Pillo, Ansley Pendleton, Kiera Webster) 4:04.12

200-yard medley relay

Sherando (Madelynn Twigg, Taylor Smith, Chelsey Jones, Madison Reed) 1:48.67

Wood (Samantha Krueger, Kallie Gyurison, Lauren Masters, Annie Hua) 2:01.97

Millbrook (Riley Pillo, Ansley Pendleton, Kiera Webster, Carolina Arias) 2:07.46


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$250 Annual Winner

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Stephanie Ashby

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