Final Boys' Swimming Leaders

50-yard freestyle

Jefferson Fairbanks, Clarke;22.01

Joe Warnagiris, Wood;22.59

Ethan Britton, Wood;23.00

100-yard freestyle

Joe Warnagiris, Wood;47.94

Eddie Grimes, Wood;51.88

Alex Hua, Wood;52.60

200-yard freestyle

Joe Warnagiris, Wood;1:47.08

Eddie Grimes, Wood;1:49.11

Wyatt Post, Millbrook;1:58.33

500-yard freestyle

Joe Warnagiris, Wood;4:59.16

Eddie Grimes, Wood;5:06.36

Nathan Truong, Millbrook;5:23.74

100-yard backstroke

Joe Warnagiris, Wood;50.73

Eddie Grimes, Wood;55.64

Ryan Hooks, Clarke;1:00.20

100-yard breaststroke

Joe Warnagiris, Wood;56.43

Alex Hua, Wood;1:04.99

Nathan Truong, Millbrook;1:06.20

100-yard butterfly

Joe Warnagiris, Wood;54.19

Zack Carter, Millbrook;55.54

Wyatt Post, Millbrook;55.63

200-yard individual medley

Joe Warnagiris, Wood;1:50.55

Nathan Truong, Millbrook;2:03.62

Eddie Grimes, Wood;2:09.59

200-yard freestyle relay

Wood (Eddie Grimes, Alex Hua, Ethan Britton, Joe Warnagiris) 1:32.96

Clarke (Ethan Marchisano, Jack Westbrook, Ron Martin, Jefferson Fairbanks) 1:38.26

Millbrook (Wyatt Post, Xavier LaFalce, Nathan Truong, Zack Carter) 1:40.07

400-yard freestyle relay

Wood (Ethan Britton, Eddie Grimes, Alex Hua, Joe Warnagiris) 3:21.85

Millbrook (Wyatt Post, Xavier LaFalce, Zack Carter, Nathan Truong) 3:35.84

Clarke (Jefferson Fairbanks, Ethan Marchisano, Patrick Whalen, Ryan Hooks) 3:44.76

200-yard medley relay

Wood (Joe Warnagiris, Alex Hua, Eddie Grimes, Ethan Britton) 1:40.83

Millbrook (Zack Carter, Nathan Truong, Wyatt Post, Xavier LaFalce) 1:49.16

Clarke (Ryan Hooks, Jack Westbrook, Jefferson Fairbanks, Ron Martin) 1:54.17


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